MyNeo has been officially launched today! - MyNeo Personalized Therapy
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MyNeo has been officially launched today!

Ghent, 27 December, 2018. It’s confirmed that the newly separated entity MyNeo has been initiated. MyNeo is a Belgian bio-tech company in Ghent, focused on identifying, exploring and validating personalized cancer treatments. We’ve developed and optimized the bioinformatics platform supporting the company for the past years. But only today the company MyNeo, encapsulating the general idea and pathway, has been founded.

The primary focus area is immunotherapy. This involves the determination of tumour-specific mutations, which are then used for stimulating the recognition of the tumour by our own immune system.

Aside from developing and using the IT-platform, MyNeo also takes responsibility for executing many end-to-end tasks. These include amongst others the gathering of medical data, sample preparation, genome/transcriptome sequencing, peptide synthesis and the validation of their immunogenicity.

Starting from patient specific samples, a therapy recommendation is given, and additional parameters necessary for correct execution of the therapy are determined. A machine learning algorithm is responsible for continuous optimization of the invoked treatments.

“People everywhere foresee the imminent emergence of personalized cancer treatment, but only today we are taking the first step towards that future.” – Jan Van den Berghe, co-founder. MyNeo is the third company incorporated by the recently launched biotech incubator Novalis, and it matches the bioinformatic preference of Novalis perfectly. We have felt that the need for a company specializing in cancer treatment, based on the patient’s own genome, is omnipresent in all corners of the industry. The demand for such therapies will only increase in the future, both for patients and for pharmaceutical companies. We are thus continuously looking for qualified employees matching the MyNeo’s state of mind of exploring new ideas while digging deeper in the validation of already existent ones.