Joint webinar

As myNEO focuses highly on scientific research and sharing our revelations with a broad audience, we organised a joint webinar wherein we dived deeper in some important recent developments in the neoantigen discovery field.                                           

myNEO organised, together with PDCline pharma, Radboud UMCVaximm, and ImmunXperts, a joint webinar wherein we talked about recent revelations in the neoantigen prediction and selection field.

Watch the video recording of the webinar here:

The following topics were discussed:

  • Promise and challenges of neoantigen-driven immunotherapeutics (myNEO)
  • New class of cancer vaccine based on an off-the-shelf Antigen Presenting Cell line (PDC*line Pharma)
  • Genetic delivery of neoantigens with VXM, a robust and easy to use oral delivery platform (Vaximm)
  • LncRNA-encoded microproteins - novel tumour antigens? (Radboud UMC)
  • In vitro screening and validation of neoepitopes (ImmunXperts)