Sunday 23 February 2020

(internal) interactive myNEO report *finished*

Design of an interactive myNEO report

The myNEO ImmunoEngine performs an extensive analysis to detect, identify, filter, and prioritise neoantigens that can serve as immunogenic targets for immunotherapy. Therefore, the ImmunoEngine renders a tremendous amount of data. To summarise this data and to allow visual exploration of the identified mutations and neoantigens, an interactive report is generated.

The interactive report consists of multiple tabs enabling careful investigation of every variant type and the resulting neoantigens using tables and customised graphs. For example, the SNV tab comprises a table providing information on all point mutations: variant allelic frequency, SNV score, affected gene, impact, expression level, etc. Using this information, one SNV can be selected to return its predicted epitopes and their corresponding scores. The most important tab, however, is the neoantigen tab which provides elaborate information on the top 100 neoantigens. This allows to select a set of highly potential neoantigens that can be used for a personalised vaccine in an efficient and convenient manner.

Additional tabs are provided for the advanced features of the ImmunoEngine such as Immune Contexture and Transcriptional Profiling. Nevertheless, every newly developed pipeline feature will be integrated in the interactive report to allow a better understanding of its results.

Interested in how this all looks like and works? Read the report guidelines here.