Tuesday 3 November 2020

eTheRNA - lncRNA project *finished*

myNEO has set up a research program with eTheRNA to investigate a promising long non-coding RNA as a source of immunogenic targets for therapeutic use.

For therapeutic vaccination in cancer the selection of the correct antigen candidates is crucial. In this respect, long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) has been found to potentially be a promising source of neo-antigens.

In this research programme, myNEO will determine whether small peptides derived from lncRNA are presented on the surface of a cancer cell line in vitro. Subsequently  the  immunogenicity of the peptides will be assessed via in-silico prediction mechanisms developed by myNEO. The ultimate goal is to bring the most promising immunogenic targets to the patient using eTheRNA’s mRNA-based vaccine technology platform.

"eTheRNA collaborated with myNEO to evaluate whether a specific lncRNA can be translated into tumour neo-antigens. We really appreciated the way the myNEO team involved the eTheRNA team during the conduct of the project. The very clear and concise reporting of myNEO was extremely helpful to make the right decisions. Thanks to the myNEO team for the good collaboration!"

Tim Van Assche – Director, Business Development and Alliance Manager.

About eTheRNA
eTheRNA immunotherapies is a clinical-stage Belgian biotech company applying mRNA-based immunotherapies to the treatment of cancer and infectious disease. The proprietary TriMix mRNA technology stimulates and educates specifically dendritic cells to create a potent and durable immune response. eTheRNA’s goal is to commercialise these immunotherapies to deliver long lasting clinical remission to cancer patients and protective immunity against infections.     www.etherna.be