Monday 4 October 2021

myNEO presents at multiple conferences this autumn

Proud to see that our newest developments are well acknowledged in the scientific community! myNEO will be presenting our recent research at 4 conferences this fall. Join us to learn more about our expertise and leadership in genomic-informed target selection for neoantigen-driven immunotherapy through first- and best-in-class algorithms that are able to find novel and more immunogenic neoepitope targets.

  • AACR-NCI-EORTC virtual conference: Cedric Bogaert elaborates on "Novel algorithm discovers up to 35% more epitopes translated from non-coding regions in cold tumours" (7-10 Oct)
  • World Vaccine Congress in Barcelona: Cedric Bogaert will talk about 'How to match tumour mutanomes to improve immune responses' (19-21 Oct)
  • CRIG 3rd industrial partnering event in Ghent: Bert Coessens will present "Using digital tumour fingerprints to personalise cancer vaccines" (22 Oct)
  • World Vaccine & Immunotherapy conference in San Diego: Wim van Criekinge gives insight in "Extrapolation of epitope prediction from IO onto infectious diseases: lessons learned' (30 Nov-2 Dec)