Tuesday 15 March 2022

myNEO invited as speaker for an info session about immunotherapy organised by OIGO, a cancer patient organisation

Opgeven Is Geen Optie (OIGO) is organising an info session on March 24th where Lien Lybaert will explain in understandable language to cancer patients, their loved ones & sympathisers what has fascinated her for 10 years now: IMMUNOTHERAPY. What is the role of the immune system in the development and in fighting cancer? What is immunotherapy and more specifically, what is personalised immunotherapy? Where is the research currently and what is the future?

The mission of myNEO is to bring personalised immunotherapy closer to every patient, including patients with tumours that are difficult to treat. We regularly come into contact with patients, whom we try to clearly explain what immunotherapy is, what exactly myNEO is researching and what myIO is. We also bring them in contact with the right information sources and interesting organisations. Correctly informing the patient is essential for us and therefore this presentation is a perfect extension of what myNEO stands for and believes in.