Set-up partnerships

myNEO collaborates with partners in clinical and research collaborations due to a strong belief in the phrase ‘together we achieve more’. Identifying the correct target in a patient sample is only part of the end puzzle, and there are several other critical success factors essential to developing potent immunotherapies. 

myNEO is involved in several collaborative projects and joint ventures, teaming up with industry-leaders within oncology. When successfully bringing neoantigen prediction and personalised immunotherapy to the patient, target discovery is only part of the end solution. As such, different partnerships have been set up that are utilising the myNEO targets to treat patients in a clinical setting (clinical trial phase I).

In such a collaborative approach, myNEO actively joins forces with companies possessing technology that is compatible with the myNEO platform to deliver novel or personalised validated targets. As described in the E2E sample flow, we take in this set-up responsibility over all the steps involved, starting from patient sampling up to neoantigen prediction and optimal construct design. As such myNEO assists its partners to correctly identify new targets to direct their vaccination technology towards.

Our academic partnerships allow us to contribute to high-level research that tackles different complex multidisciplinary challenges. Ongoing innovation projects focus on optimising myNEO technology to improve the specificity and sensitivity of tumour-specific alteration and neoantigen detection.

Other collaborative projects aim to discover new cancer-specific shared targets amongst patient groups, by studying associations within cohort datasets.

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