Clinical End-2-End flow

myNEO incorporates the bioinformatics platform in an end-to-end solution that allows to cover all intermediate steps from biopsy/tumour tissue towards the digital list of ranked personalised targets.

myNEO profiles patient’s tumours based on a comparative analysis of the sequencing data of the tumour sample and a control (blood sample). To guarantee identification of high-quality targets, it is of utmost importance that all steps to acquire the sequencing data are controlled and performed consistently.

The myNEO integrated sample flow combines the bioinformatcs platform for neoantigen prediction and expertise with wet-lab capabilities such as sample fixation and preparation, state-of-the-art sequencing, tumour microenvironment screening. After the myNEO bioinformatic platform has identified the epitopes, validation assays are used to confirm the neoantigens, after which they are incorporated in a final construct for vaccination. myNEO is also setting up mRNA production capabilities, to manufacture the identified targets within mRNA constructs. The sample flow thus incorporates all intermediate steps going from an input biopsy sample, towards either a ranked digital list of cancer targets or a produced set of cancer targets as mRNA constructs.

Key to the development of the myNEO sample flow has been the condition of clinical-grade platform use, allowing personalised immunotherapy to reach the patient in time, in a cost-effective manner, and with high quality results according to the regulatory guidelines. The current End2End pipeline flow can deliver a list of personalised neoantigens as soon as 10 working days after sample gathering, with MS validation resulting in only 2 additional days on the total processing time. mRNA production of the construct combined with sterilisation and efficacy testing requires another 20 days.

To bring personalised immunotherapy to the patients, myNEO collaborates with partners that possess the appropriate carrier to deliver the identified targets. Therefore, myNEO has joined forces with multiple industrials and academic partners to tackle this complex multidisciplinary challenge.

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