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Bioinformatics Platform

Identifying, exploring and validating personalized cancer treatments

Personalized immunotherapy

The bioinformatics platform supporting myNEO contains a robust pipeline focused on the identification and prediction of neoantigens. These antigens are found by searching immunogenic proteins present on the surface of the tumour cells but absent on the healthy control cells. During immunotherapy, we target these neoantigens so that the patient’s immune system is prompted to recognize the tumour.

Traffic regulator

Only certain patients are going to be treated with immunotherapy. Patients for which immune programs are deemed too advanced/unfeasible will be encouraged to take a different treatment direction. Feasibility predictions are made based on the clinical results of the therapy correlated with the genomic data of the patient.

Genome/Transcriptome analysis

Clinical parameters not (directly) related to immunology are extracted from the WES/WGS sequencing data as well. These include the MHC (sub) type, TMB, CTA gene expression, clinical tumour classification, etc. All these parameters are used to classify patients into treatment groups in a personalized manner.

myNEO is incorporated by the biotech incubator Novalis

And it matches the bioinformatic preference of Novalis perfectly. The need for a company specializing in cancer treatment, based on the patient’s own genome, is omnipresent in all corners of the industry. We are thus continuously looking for qualified employees matching the myNEO’s state of mind of exploring new ideas while digging deeper into the validation of the ones that exist already.

Unique platform
Global client base
Specialist competence
High demanded solution
Value adding partners
Flexible deliverables
Validated results
Independent expert advice

End 2 End Pipeline

Aside from the bioinformatics platform, myNEO and partners also take responsibility for executing end-to-end tasks.

Data gathering

Data from public libraries and nondisclosed datasets from partners have been gathered onto our servers. By using deep neural networks, this information is used to optimize and validate our pathways in interpreting the patient’s specific genome.


Upon receiving the (FFPE) sample, the genome and transcriptome of the tumour tissue are sequenced. Another genome sequencing is performed on a blood sample of the patient. The sampling and sequencing technologies used have been carefully selected to allow identification of as many neoantigens as possible.

MyNeo computational platform

The myNEO pipeline now analyses the tumour and normal sequencing data. The whole platform has been developed to offer clinically valuable deliverables, within a tight timeframe.

Off-the-shelf libraries

While the myNEO pipeline is searching for patient-specific neopeptides, we also hold an off the shelf library available of common vaccines amongst tumours. These can already be administered while the more specific neoantigens are being produced, and thus expedite the treatment start date.

Neoantigen validation

The surface of the patient’s dendritic cells is screened for our neoantigen targets, incorporating an in-vitro validation complementary to the bioinformatics pipeline.

Administering the vaccine

A delivery method of the neopeptide vaccine is carefully selected, together with the right adjuvants. After the first vaccination, a continuous loop follows with constant follow-up on the treatment efficacy.

Bioinformatics Platform

The myNEO Team

Wim Van Crieckinge

Wim Van Criekinge


UGENT (Professor)

NXT-GNT (Founder & Chairman)

GENOHM (Co-Founder & Director)

Jan Van den Berghe

Jan Van den Berghe


GENOHM (Co-Founder & Director)

Oystershell (Chairman & Director)

Cedric Bogaert

Cedric Bogaert

UGENT (Medical genetics)

LMCT Research Lab (Bioinformatician)

ACCENTURE (Architectural Lead)



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